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Booki is a modern booking plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to setup appointments or reservations with time that adapts to users timezone. You can make payment via PayPal or simply book and pay later.

Create New Booking Project

To create a booking project, navigate to Booki > Projects.


You will be directed to the Create, edit, and delete projects page.

As the page name suggests, you can create, edit, and delete projects in this page.


To create a new project, follow these steps:

Under the Projects tab:

  • Step 1 - Choose Create new in the Project’s drop down box.

  • Step 2 - Add the name of your project.

  • Step 3 - Fill in the needed information as required for your booking.


    Read the descriptions of the information to be guided.

    • Booking mode

    • Maximum booking days or time slot

    • Minimum booking days or time slot

    • Calendar mode

    • Tag

    • Project listing settings

      • Description
      • Preview Image
    • General project settings

      • Project status
      • New Booking Notification Recipient(s)
      • Default step
      • Booking wizard mode
      • Ban list
      • Default date selected
    • Booking control label settings

      • Booking tab caption
      • Custom form fields tab caption
      • Attendees tab caption
      • Available days field label
      • Selected days field label
      • Booking time field label
      • Optional features heading
      • Next button caption
      • Back button caption
      • Create booking button caption
      • From
      • To
      • Proceed to login label
      • Make booking label
      • Available seats label
    • Optional HTML content

      • Content above booking calendar
      • Content below booking calendar
  • Step 4 - After all the needed information are added, click the Create button to save.

  • Step 5 - Once the project is created, you will see the project short code below the project name.



    The short code is used to call the project that you would like to use in an element or widget.

  • Step 6 - Also, after the project is created, other tabs beside project can now be use to customize your project.

    • Form builder - Create a booking form that allows the user to input information for the booking.

      • Element type
      • Label
      • Value
      • CSS class name
      • Column Index
      • Row Index
      • Validation - Basic constraints
      • Validation - Advance constraints
    • Booking period - Specify the days that allows booking.

      • Booking date range: Start date & End date
      • Minimum notice
      • Email reminder
      • Seats
      • Deposits
      • Quantity elements general settings
      • Quantity elements
      • Days to exclude from list of days in selected season
      • Cost
    • Optional Lists - Add in the booking form extra billable items option for the user. These are displayed as checkboxes and are added to the bill.

      • Optional Item Name
      • Cost
    • Optional Cascading Lists -

      • Select Cascading List
      • Label
      • Is required
      • Value
      • Cost
      • Dropdown list items
      • Select the parent list

Delete Booking Project

To delete a project in booki, navigate to Booki > Projects.

You will be directed to the Create, edit and delete projects page.

Choose the project you want to delete at the Project dropdown box. The Project dropdown box have all the available projects.


Scroll down and look for the Delete button.


Add Booki Project to Rent Page

To add a Booki Project to a Rent page, you must use the Rent Booking element in the VC. This will let you add the booking form of the Booki Project.


Choose the Booki Project that you would like to use in General > Booki Project.


If you don’t add a Booki Project, the area where you add the Rent Booking element will be blank.