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Header & NavigationΒΆ

The Header & Navigation is where you set the behavior of the header and how it looks.

The header settings is divided into 3 parts:

  • Header Settings

    • PAGE HEADER - Option to display page header on top of the page. (Customizable in options of every page)

    • MAIN PAGE HEADER - Appears when Page Header is Yes.

    • HEAD SECTION TYPE - Choose which type of head section you want to display (works only when header is enabled).

    • BACKGROUND IMAGE - Default background image of the header.

    • HEAD HEIGHT - Height in pixels of the header.

    • PARALLAX RATIO - Speed of the parallax of the header if header type is parallax.

    • BACKGROUND COLOR - Background color of the header.

  • Header Elements

    • TITLE COLOR - Text color of the header text.

    • TITLE DIVIDER - Option to add a divider.

    • BORDERED HEADER - Option to add a border for the header title.

    • BORDER COLOR - Color of the header title if border header is Yes.

  • Navigation Settings

    • SEARCH - Option to add a search icon at the header navigation.

    • MOBILE LOGO - Logo for the mobile menu in mobile view.


Add all the information you like to add, then click on the Save button.